Jupiter (Year 1)

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Our World – Across Land and Sea

This term our topic will be Our World – Across Land and Sea.   The learning will be based around this topic for the whole of the term.   Throughout the term we will be investigating the key questions for the topic:


  • What journeys around the world could we make and what would we find there?
  • What is it like in different parts of the world?
  • What different forms of transport do people use today and what did they use in the past?
  • What do people need to survive on an island?


Children will:-


Develop their gymnastic skills of balance and control

Investigate floating to then plan, design and make a model boat

Carry out a local transport survey and use a computer to create a graph.

Create their own stories using story mapping strategies

Draw an inhabited island to include human and physical features using basic mapping techniques e.g. a key, compass etc.

Make a labelled UK and world map and learn the names of the countries of the UK, the continents and the oceans of the world.

Create a simple journeys dance in PE

Investigate how vehicles have changed over time.

Make a house for the Three Little Pigs using the most suitable materials.

Investigate beats and rhythms within travelling music.



We are planning a trip this term to Haynes Motor Museum.


Some subjects will be separate to the main topic but cross circular links are made where possible.

Maths –place value, number (addition and subtraction), measures (length and height), picture graphs & mental calculations.

PE – games (throwing, catching & aiming games), dance and gymnastics

PSHE – Dreams & Goals and Healthy Me (Jigsaw scheme of work).

RE – Jesus as a friend: was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship? and Easter

Science – materials, seasonal changes.


Helping your child at home


  • Reading – This should include the book they bring home from school as well as library books or other books from home. Children will be expected to read at home every day.
  • Practice maths number facts, these should be quick fire type activities to enable rapid recall e.g. number bonds to 10, addition and subtraction facts, doubles and halves.
  • Use the internet to look at the links on our class page. stmarygillingham.dorset.sch.uk/classes/jupiter/ Click on Jupiter Class internet favourites then select a tag to find all the relevant web sites e.g. mental maths
  • Practice observational drawing by looking very carefully at an object. The focus should be on drawing accurately what you can actually see as opposed to what you think it looks like.
  • Visit the library to find books or information, about the world or transport.
  • Practice telling the time to o’clock then half past.
  • Practice using a computer at home (if you have access to one), including basic keyboard and mouse / touchpad skills
  • Identify different types of vehicles you might see when you are out and about.
  • Discuss what different objects are made from (metal, plastic, wood etc.) and the properties of these materials (hard, smooth, flexible etc.).
  • Discuss why some things float and others sink (bath time activity!)

Homework – Spellings and another activity (usually maths) – Out on Friday due in by the following Wednesday.

PE – For the first half of term PE will be Tuesday and Wednesday.