Jupiter (Year 1)

Welcome to the Jupiter Class page – Autumn Term 2017

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Awesome Animals Around the World

This term our topic will be Awesome Animals Around the World. In Year 1 we will be having termly topics so the learning will be based around this topic for the whole of the term. Throughout the term we will be investigating the key questions for the topic:


  • How can we represent different animals through music, art and movement?
  • Why do animals look and behave the way they do?
  • What animals are there in our local environment?
  • Why are some animals dangerous?
  • How do we look after pets?


Children will


  • Experiment with different painting techniques to create animal pictures.
  • Read and write animal stories with repetitive patterns and rhyming language.
  • Learn basic computer skills using laptops and tablet computers including using web based resources e.g. Mathletics.co.uk.
  • Learn about pitch in music to create their own compositions.
  • Use different art techniques to create animal art work on a range of scales, including printing, sketching and junk modelling.
  • Learn traditional stories and use ideas to create their own traditional animal story.
  • Create moving pictures using sliders and leavers.
  • Find out about different groups of animals and what creatures live in our local environment.
  • Find out how to look after pets and create an information book about pet care.
  • Read and write animal poems.


We are planning a trip over the term to Longleat Safari Park. We are also planning a pet day with parents coming into school to show the children’s pets and a visit to Pets at Home. More details about these events will follow later in the term.


Some subjects will be separate to the main topic but cross circular links are made where possible.

Maths – Counting and ordering, patterns, number bonds, addition and subtraction (including word problems) & shape

PE – Games (ball skills), Gymnastics and Dance.

PSHE  – Being Me in My World & Celebrating Difference (Jigsaw scheme of work).

RE – A Time for Giving Thanks (Harvest unit), Creation Story: does God want Christians to look after the world? (Christianity),  The Christmas Story.


Helping your child at home


  • Reading – This should include the book they bring home from school as well as library books or other books from home. Children will be expected to read at home every day.
  • Practice maths number facts, these should be quick fire type activities to enable rapid recall e.g.number bonds to 10,
  • Use the internet to look at the links on our class page. stmarygillingham.dorset.sch.uk/classes/jupiter/ Select a tag to find all the relevant web sites e.g. animals
  • Practice observational drawing by looking very carefully at an object. The focus should be on drawing accurately what you can actually see as opposed to what you think it looks like.
  • Visit the library to find books or information about animals.
  • Discuss with your child how any pets that you may have are looked after, and if they don’t already get them to help look after them e.g. cleaning, feeding, exercising etc.
  • Practice using a computer at home (if you have access to one), including basic keyboard and mouse / touchpad skills.