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Spring Term (1st half term) 2019 – Superheroes













Let’s put on our capes and discover our superpowers as we search for an answer to the question, ‘What is a superhero?’
This half term, we’ll describe our favourite superheroes, create fact files, read a range of comic books and write our own. Learning about real-life heroes from organisations such as the RNLI or the fire service and from the past, including Florence Nightingale, and Mary Seacole (see videos below), will allow us to appreciate human bravery. As part of this project, we’ll explore our senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight and investigate different foods. We’ll also test our superpowers by climbing, running, jumping and moving to music. There’ll be opportunities for us to create superhero works of art.

We’ll have plenty to share at the end of our project. We’ll design colourful posters to show how ‘superkids’ should behave around school and create an exciting, whole-class superhero performance.

At the end of our project, we’ll share our learning with our parent curriculum session on Wednesday 13th February, hope to see you there.

Maths – Inspire Maths – Addition & Subtraction, length, mass & numbers to 40.

PE – Dance and games

RE – Jesus as a friend – Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship?

PSHE – Jigsaw – Dreams and Goals


Help your child prepare for their project

Superheroes are fantastic! Why don’t you visit the ‘Featured characters’ page on the Marvel website and read about famous superheroes together? You could also work collaboratively to invent a superhero. Draw a picture, make a costume or write a story together featuring the new superhero. Alternatively, read a children’s comic together. Talk about the characters and how they behave. Are any of them superheroes?


Spellings and a maths activitiy are sent out on Friday.  Spellings are tested on Wednesday (please have spellings books in school).

Reading – every night if possible.


More Home learning ideas

What will you choose to do?

• Listen and hum along to the theme tune from your favourite superhero TV programme. Can you remember all the words?

• Use information books and the web to find out about Guinness World Record holders and their superhuman achievements

• Make a flipbook showing the adventures of a superhero stick person!

• Plan or make a lunchbox fit for a superhero.

• Make up a song or rhyme about a superhero. You could sing about their strengths and skills and promote their vision for world peace and harmony.

• Make a model of a superhero. You could use modelling dough, cardboard boxes and tubes, scraps of material or papier mâché.

• Interview someone who works for the emergency services about their job.

• Who is your hero? Bring a picture of them to school and explain to your classmates why you chose them.

• Read a newspaper with a parent or watch the news and see if you can spot any stories about people doing heroic things.

• If you could have a super power, what would it be? Would you be able to fly? Become invisible? See through buildings? Write about some of the adventures you might have.

• Design (on paper or using a computer) a poster featuring a new superhero such as Anti-Litterman and convey their important message.

• Make a table of traits or characteristics comparing a villain with a good guy.

• Take pictures of yourself being a ‘superkid’ at home. Maybe you tidied your room or helped wash the dishes? Bring your pictures to school to explain to your classmates what you did and how it helped your family.


Useful Videos