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Welcome to the Jupiter Class page – Summer Term 2018

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Famous Fires and Fantastic Dragons

This term our topic will be Famous Fires and Fantastic Dragons.  Throughout the term we will be investigating the key questions for the topic:


  • How did the Great Fire of London start and how did it stop?
  • What were the houses like in Tudor times?
  • What do fire fighters do?
  • How can we keep ourselves and others safe from fire?
  • What stories feature dragons?


Children will –

  • Read diary extracts from historical figures and then recreate them by writing in role as an eyewitness to an historical event.
  • Make bread.
  • Create fire pictures using a range of materials for example, chalk, pastels, collage and ICT.
  • Plan, design and make model three dimensional Tudor style houses.
  • Visit the town of Sherborne to look at the Tudor buildings.
  • Use the Internet to investigate great fires in history and fire safety.
  • Create a fire safety escape route for school and home.
  • Create fire safety posters.
  • Read and write dragon stories.
  • Develop athletics skills in running, jumping and throwing.
  • Take part in simple team games that involve throwing, catching and hitting.
  • Create simple computer games by developing coding skills using trial and error (debugging).


We also hope to arrange a visit by the local fire service this term.

Some subjects will be separate to the main topic but cross circular links are made where possible.


Maths – Word problems, mental calculations, multiplication, division, time, numbers to 100 (place value and addition & subtraction) & money.


PE – Games (team games) & athletics.


PSHE – Relationships and Changing me (Jigsaw scheme of work).


RE – Shabbat: is Shabbat important to Jewish children? (Judaism) & Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur (Judaism).


Science – Plants & Seasonal Changes.


Helping your child at home


  • Reading – This should include the book they bring home from school as well as library books or other books from home. Children will be expected to read at home every day.
  • Practice maths number facts, these should be quick fire type activities to enable rapid recall e.g. number bonds to 10, addition and subtraction facts, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Use the internet to look at the links on our class page. stmarygillingham.dorset.sch.uk/classes/jupiter Select a tag to find all the relevant web sites e.g. fire
  • Practice observational drawing by looking very carefully at an object. The focus should be on drawing accurately what you can actually see as opposed to what you think it looks like.
  • Visit the library to find books or information, about fire (fire safety or The Great Fire of London)
  • Use money (coins) for your child to increase their knowledge of the different coins as well as adding different amounts and subtracting (working out change is good for this).
  • Practice telling the time to o’clock then half past then quarter past and quarter to.
  • Practice using a computer at home (if you have access to one), including basic keyboard and mouse / touchpad skills.
  • Look carefully at nature around you particularly how plants change as we move from Spring into Summer.

Homework – Spellings and another activity (usually maths) – Out on Friday due in by the following Wednesday.


PE – For the first half term PE will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday.


We welcome Mrs Ray to Jupiter class who will be working as a 1:1 teaching assistant on 2 mornings a week.

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