Mars (Year 3)

Imaginative Learning Project for Year 3

Spring Term 2: Gods and Mortals


Let’s discover a fantastical world of mythical creatures and heroes!
This half term, we’ll learn about Apollo and the other gods who reign from Mount Olympus and create a 3-D head of our favourite god or goddess. We’ll explore the land of Greece, where the sun scorches the wings of Icarus and Helen of Troy inspires the launch of a thousand ships. Using historical source materials, we’ll research daily life in ancient Greece. We’ll write diaries as Daedalus or Icarus and learn about epic battles. In D&T, we’ll design wings, just like Daedalus, and make Trojan horses. We’ll read Theseus and the Minotaur and create amazing labyrinths, using positional language to guide others around the maze. On maps of Greece, we’ll plot the journeys made by ancient Greek characters.
At the end of the ILP, we’ll create our own gods and look forward to presenting these to you on our curriculum afternoon.
ILP focus History
English Character profiles, diary writing, instructions and commands, myths and legends, character descriptions
History Ancient Greece
Art & design 3-D sculpture, Greek art and design
Computing Using presentation software D&T Moving parts, model making
Geography Ancient and modern day Greece, geographical features,
Help your child prepare for their project Greece is a fascinating country that has a long and colourful history. Why not sample some delicious Greek food such as baklava or tzatziki? You could also research ancient Greek pots and sketch the intricate images painted on them. Alternatively, have fun taking part in a back garden Olympics, seeing who can run the fastest or throw a ball the furthest!

RE: Understanding Christianity and Hinduism

PE:  Cricket on Thursday mornings and Dance with Mr Mason. Please ensure your child has appropriate indoor and outdoor PE kit in school at all times.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Mrs George, Mrs Buck, Mrs Underdown and Mrs White