Mars (Year 3)

In Mars Class, our Topic for the Autumn term will be Hunter Gatherers.

We will:

  • gain an overview of the major changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.
  • consider how we know about a historical period without written sources.
  • research what it might have been like to live in Britain during this period.
  • plan, write and edit our own narrative versions of Ug by Raymond Briggs.
  • researching, planning, writing and editing non-chronological reports on Stonehenge.
  • following and writing instructions for Stone Age recipes and jewellery making.

The questions we will discover the answers to during our lessons are:

  • Where did the stone age people come from?
  • What did they eat?
  • How did they survive?
  • What were their homes like?
  • What did they wear?
  • What did they make?
  • How did they communicate?
  • How did they travel?
  • How did they defend themselves?
  • What did they believe?
  • What was Stonehenge and when was it built?

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

We will be:

  • extending the range of sentences with more than one clause by using a wider range of conjunctions, including: when, if, because, although.
  • using the present perfect form of verbs in contrast to the past tense.
  • choosing nouns or pronouns appropriately for clarity and cohesion and to avoid repetition.
  • using conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time and cause.
  • using commas after fronted adverbials.
  • indicating of possession by using the possessive apostrophe with singular and plural nouns.
  • using and punctuating direct speech.

History skills:

  • Place the time studied on a time line.
  • Use dates and terms related to the study unit and passing of time.
  • Sequence several events or artefacts.
  • Find out about everyday lives of people in time studied.
  • Compare with our life today.
  • Identify reasons for and results of people’s actions.
  • Understand why people may have wanted to do something
  • Begin to use the library and internet for research.

We will use these skills in Art and Design:

  • Print using a variety of materials, objects and techniques including layering.
  • Talk about the processes used to produce a simple explore pattern and shape, creating designs for printing.
  • Mix a variety of colours and know which primary colours make secondary colours.
  • Use a developed colour vocabulary.
  • Experiment with different effects and textures inc. blocking in colour, washes, thickened paint etc.

We will use these skills in Design and Technology:

  • Select tools and techniques for making their product.
  • Measure, mark out, cut, score and assemble components with more accuracy.
  • Work safely and accurately with a range of simple tools.
  • Think about their ideas as they make progress and be willing to change things if this helps them to improve their work.
  • Make drawings with labels when designing.


During Music we will:

  • Recognise rhythmic patterns.
  • Perform a repeated pattern to a steady pulse.
  • Identify and recall rhythmic and melodic patterns.
  • Identify repeated patterns used in a variety of music (ostinato).
  • Identify ways sounds are used to accompany a song.
  • Analyse and comment on how sounds are used to create different moods.
  • Explore and perform different types of accompaniment.
  • Explore and select different melodic patterns.


We will begin the term by thinking about Harvest and taking responsibility for the World around us.  We will then move onto Hinduism and Divali.  After half term we will be focusing on Christianity and Incarnation.


This term our PE will be on a Tuesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday we will be improving our hockey and on Thursdays we will be concentrating on gymnastics.  Please can children have outdoor kit at all times and a sun hat.

In our outdoor PE lessons, Mr Mason will be coaching hockey skills and applying basic principles suitable for attacking and defending


For the first half term we will be investigating light and dark.  We will be making shadow puppet theatres and performing shows of Ug stone age boy genius.  During the second half term we will be focusing on food groups and healthy balanced diets. Study the human digestive system and how food is transported around the body. Investigate skeletons and look closely at bones, joints and muscles and compare with animal skeletons. Discover effects of exercise.

Homework and Spellings
This term homework will go out every Friday. It will generally be learning times tables, Mathletics or an occasional topic activity. Homework will be due in on a Thursday. Spelling books are due in every Monday as they will be tested on this day. Spellings will be sent home on a Tuesday.

If you have any concerns please make an appointment to see Mrs George or Mrs Buck. We are always happy to meet with you.