Neptune (Year 2)

Traction Man’s Travels

This term our topic will be Traction Man’s Travels. In Year 2 we will be having termly topics so the learning will be based around this topic for the whole of the term. Throughout the term we will be investigating the key questions for the topic:


  • What and where are the World’s continents and oceans?
  • Which countries and seas make up the United Kingdom?
  • What is it like in Gillingham and what geographical features are here?
  • How does Gillingham compare to a contrasting location in Africa?
  • What animal live in Africa and how have they adapted to thier habitat?
  • Who was Mary Anning and where did she come from?


Children will

  • Use maps, atlases and globes to locate places.
  • Find out about significant local people in history.
  • Create African themed artwork.
  • Listen to and music to identify pitch and create notation to represent this.


We are planning a local area walk this term to find out about the features in the local area.


Some subjects will be separate to the main topic but cross circular links are made where possible.

Maths – The children will be applying their number skills through learning about mass, length, mental calculations and money.

PE – Neptune Class will be developing their skills in games (ball skills) and dance.

Science- The children will learn about living things in science and focus on life cycles and adaptations.

RE- We will be looking at prayer at home and God.

PSHE-The focus for this term is dreams and goals.



Helping your child at home


  • Reading – It is important to read a variety of texts and genres.  Please read with your child a minimum of five times weekly, question them about what has happened in the text and record that they’ve read in the reading record books.
  • Conduct some research about Gillingham and Africa – you could visit the local museum or search online.
  • Practise your times tables and the related division facts.  Also practical measuring, weighing and money activities.  Remember the weekly times table challenge.
  • Write a story based on Traction Man or a report about the local area- remember joined writing; use capital letters, full stops, question marks, commas and speech marks where appropriate; use conjunctions to join clauses and aim for high level vocabulary.