Neptune (Year 2)

Up, Up and Away

This term our topic will be Up, Up and Away. In Year 2 we will be having termly topics so the learning will be based around this topic for the whole of the term. Throughout the term we will be investigating the key questions for the topic:


  • Who were the first people to fly a hot air balloon?
  • Who invented the first aeroplane?
  • What is migration?
  • How do planes and balloons fly?
  • What are the parts of an aeroplane?


Children will


  • Design and make a hot air balloon.
  • Mix a range of tones to create a skyscape artwork.
  • Write a range of flight-based texts including narrative and poetry.
  • Use computers to create pictures and develop word processing skills.
  • Explore beat and sounds in music.
  • Use maps, atlases and globes to follow flight routes.




We are planning a trip over the term to Yeovil Air Museum. We are also planning for Mere Down Falconry to visit. More details about these events will follow later in the term.


Some subjects will be separate to the main topic but cross circular links are made where possible.

Maths – Numbers to 1000, addition and subtraction to 1000, multiplication and subtraction.

PE – Games (ball skills), Gymnastics and Dance.

PSHE – Being Me in My World & Celebrating Difference (Jigsaw scheme of work).

RE- What did Jesus teach? Christmas-Jesus as a gift from God.


Helping your child at home


  • Reading – This should include the book they bring home from school as well as library books or other books from home. Children will be expected to read at home every day.
  • Visit the library to find books or information about flight.
  • Practice maths number facts, these should be quick fire type activities to enable rapid recall e.g. number bonds to 20 and 2, 5, 10 times tables.
  • Writing a diary or sentences on a topic of their interest including: capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, conjunctions (and/so/because/when/if) and use of phonic strategies.
  • Developing learning behaviours including speaking and listening, resilience, team work, reflection and creativity.