Pluto (Reception)

Reception Class- Pluto 


At St Mary’s we offer a secure foundation through learning and development opportunities which are planned around the needs and interest of each individual child. We work in collaboration with parents or with carers to ensure that every child is at the center of the working partnership.

In Pluto Class our themes and topics are based around child interest, engagement and next steps and will continually change. The themes can last just a week or up to 6 weeks depending on the children’s learning. Our First theme revolves around getting to know the children, how to be a good friend and settling into their new classroom.

AUTUMN Term 1- Theme: Do you want to be friends?


The children will start off by learning about their new environment, where everything is and how to stay safe and be happy. The children will explore the school and go on adventure finding out who’s who in the school, taking photos of them using the I pad. They will have a treasure hunt around the outside school grounds to help them know where everything is and be reading stories and singing songs about friendship. The children will explore playing new games together, how to share and take turns.


During the second week in the children will be exploring and engaging in a variety of continuous provision activities to develop and stimulate their learning, within this theme we will be reading ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘Fox makes friends.’ The children will create the own nature friend and look at what rules are good for inside and outside of the classroom.  We will be asking children to bring objects from home which are important to them and tell the class all about it. The children will learn to mark make and start to form letters in which they can label items around the classroom. After reading stories about friendship and developing our understanding of how to be a good friend, the children will be creating their own Jelly baby friends, showing us what friendship looks like.


The children will be talking about all that they have learnt in this theme about friendship, culminating in making a large hand print friendship quilt.

Families are invited in on October 17th 2pm-3pm to share the children’s learning journey so far.


As well as the above the children will have continued access to all areas of the Early Years curriculum, which will change on a weekly basis according to the children’s needs and interests. We will continue to update pictures of activities that they children will be engaged in on tapestry and on the website.


In the first few weeks we will be focusing on numbers to 10 and the meaning of numbers, matching amounts to numbers, ordering numbers and singing number songs.


Phonics will start on Wednesday 5th September and will be a daily discrete lesson. The children will be learning tricky and high frequency words with Mrs Board on a Monday and Tuesday and phase 2 sounds on a Wednesday-Friday with Mrs Bettiss. We will be sending phonics books home every Friday which shows you what sounds we have been learning that week. We hope to complete Phase 2 by October half term, which will allow us to send books home by October as the children will have learnt enough sounds. Your child may come home earlier with a picture book or a book with some sounds in if we feel they are ready for this.

Our first sounds for week 1 are: s, a and t. We use Jolly phonics and letters and sounds and use t he cursive script. To access the sounds please go to you tube and type in ‘Jolly phonics s’ or which ever letter they are learning and it will come up with the sound the children have learnt that day.


Our PE slots are booked for a Wednesday afternoon and a Friday morning. We will start off by just doing one PE session on the Wednesday. We will begin learning how to get changed and how we listen and learn in PE. Our first theme will be gymnastics and learning different ways of moving and balancing. We will be getting out the ‘big’ gym equipment, which is always a hit with the children.


Morning Snack

Please could all children bring in a healthy snack for morning break, clearly named, this may be a piece of fruit, veg or we are happy if children bring in crackers, raisins and cheese etc.. The children will put these in the snack box in the classroom when they come in and will be able to access their snack between certain times during the morning as we will be having  a rolling snack as not to interrupt their play. A snack registration will take place to ensure all children have had a drink and snack and been to the toilet.

Afternoon snack

Afternoon snack will be provided for by the healthy schools scheme, this is usually a piece of fruit or veg.


Hot school meals are available free for all children in Years R-2. Please ensure you have booked your child’s school meal before the deadline. Children can also bring in a packed lunch. If you are worried your child is not eating the hot school meal, please come and chat to us and we can ensure we keep an eye on it.

Any other queries, please feel free to ask, if it is a longer query please make an appointment at the office as first thing in the morning can be very busy. During the first week back, feel free to come into the classroom with your child to help them settle in.

Many Thanks

Pluto Team

Mrs Bettiss, Mrs Board, Mrs Heron and Mrs Clark.



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Mrs Bettiss, Mrs Board, Mrs Clark and Mrs Crew