Pluto (Reception)

 Pluto Class 2016-2017  

At St Mary’s we offer a secure foundation through learning and development opportunities which are planned around the needs and interest of each individual child. We work in collaboration with parents or with carers to ensure that every child is at the centre of the working partnership.

The curriculum allows every child to make the most of there abilities and talents as they grow up.  We recognise that every child is unique who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self assured.  We offer enabling environments which recognise children learn and develop in different ways and at different rates.

In our Foundation unit we plan from the children’s interests. Floor maps are created with the children in order for us to ensure their ideas are at the heart of our planning. Floor maps are mind maps of the chidren’s needs and interests. They also show learning outcomes and next steps. These floor maps are updated on a regular basis and are available for children and parents to see at all times.


In the Foundation Unit we learn through 7 Areas of learning. These are:

PRIME AREAS: Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Learning and Physical Development

SPECIFIC AREAS: Maths, Literacy, Creative Arts and Design and Understanding and Knowledge of the World

Continuous Provision

Continuous Provision is at the heart of our learning in Pluto Class as we believe the best way for children to learn at this age is through play. Topics are changed according to the children’s needs and interests, so we may change topics/themes every week. Please see the floor book photos and our learning Journey Display to have a look at what we have been learning each week. These can also be found on Pluto news in tapestry.

During Continuous Provision, the children cover all aspects of the seven areas of learning.


We continue to deliver daily phonics sessions, where the children work on their reading for blending and segmentation for spelling. We are currently working on Phase 4, where we are looking at consonant clusters. The children enjoy daily Guided Reading sessions, where they get to read with the teacher and teaching assistant every week.

We have daily adult focused Literacy sessions, where we read stories and develop our reading, writing and speaking and listening.

Throughout our Continuous Provision we have many opportunities for the children to access and develop writing. We have our own writing station where the children can come and get, pens, pencils, phonics mats to help them writing in all areas.


Pe is now on a Monday and Friday. As the weather is getting warmer we will start to do our PE lessons outside. Please ensure your child has trainers to wear outside.


Maths is taught through small guided groups using mastery. Children learn through a practical approach . This term the children will focus on number and addition and subtraction. After half term the children will move onto money and measure. Maths is also taught through our Continuous Provision Activities.

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Topic Afternoon

We had great fun on our topic afternoon, where we welcomed parents to join us in our fun activities. We had lots of great investigative activities out for our families to join in with.


Useful Websites for Phonics

Useful Websites for Reading

Useful Websites for Maths



Mrs Bettiss, Mrs Board, Mrs Clark, Mrs Crew and Mrs McMullen