Saturn (Year 4)

SATURN CLASS 2018   Our topic this spring will be

The Romans in Britain

We will be answering the following questions:-

What was life like in Britain before the Roman arrival? What were the roles within the Celtic community? Where did the Roman Empire extend to? Should the Celts have taken on the Romans?

Who was Boudicca? Why was the Roman army so successful? How do the tactics and equipment of the Roman soldiers and Celtic warriors compare? What is the significance of Hadrian’s Wall? What was life like in Romano Britain? Why did the Roman Empire end? What is the Roman legacy?


The informative part archaeology plays within history will be examined along with information which can be gained from examining ancient artefacts and sites. The children will write their own reports upon chosen aspects of research. They will be writing diaries and letters in the role of a Roman and or Celtic character.

We will be reading Roman and Celtic stories throughout our Topic.

The class will look at Roman sculpture and mosaics. An examination of intricate Celtic artwork will also be made and decorative art pieces based upon Celtic knots created.


Our visit to Maiden Castle and the residential stay at Hooke Court will bring many of the above alive!

Reading will remain at the heart of our learning with extensive exploration of non- fiction texts also the children will continue daily Guided Reading sessions, where the focus will be on fluency and comprehension. The children will be developing their understanding of inference and authorial techniques. They will continue to develop their sentence level and grammar skills. Grammar lessons will focus upon paragraphing, sentence styles, punctuation and improving editing skills. Weekly spellings will be taught.

Maths –   Angles, properties of lines and shapes, fractions, time, decimals, area and perimeter and Roman numerals.

Science – States of Matter  We will compare and group materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gasesobserve changes of state and identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle. Sound How are sounds made? How can we check that sounds are made through vibrations? Which materials are best for sound proofing?What is pitch and how is pitch altered.


  • RE –    Judaism- Passover   We are learning to understand how celebrating Passover and keeping Kashrut (food laws) help Jews show God they value their special relationship with him.    –  Christianity – Easter and the Gospel- What kind of world did Jesus want?
  • Music –  We will be learning to play the ukulele with the help of a tutor from Dorset Music services.
  • Jigsaw / PSHE :- Going for Gaols, Good to be me ( Jigsaw scheme )
  • Computing -The class will use internet search engines to gather information for their own research work. They will be aware of different search engines and discuss their various features. We will be programming; using Scratch, navigating the Scratch programming environment adding inputs to control their sprite and using conditional statements. Debugging programs
  • P.E. – gymnastics , netball , rounders
  • French:- On-going throughout the year – Intercultural Understanding, Language Learning Strategies, Knowledge about Language

Homework – Focus upon reading, gaining fluency, understanding and enjoyment of a variety of texts. Spellings will be sent home on a weekly basis. We will set a topic linked project for half term.

Ways in which you can help your child in Saturn class
Reading is so crucial across the whole of the curriculum, the more reading with and encouragement you offer your child the better! Please ask about what they are reading. Help to ensure they read frequently choosing texts which they are enjoying but also which challenge their reading skills. Please chat about the stories and information they are interested in.

Visits to the local library and the Dorset County museum in Dorchester would also stimulate their interests.

Quick mental maths games, especially those helping your child to learn all their tables and number bonds. To become familiar with using a dictionary to check spellings and definitions is helpful and some handwriting practice, now most children are aiming to join their letters would also be of great help.



Please do come and ask if you have any queries at all!

Mrs Smith, Miss Wall , Mrs White and Mrs Witcher