Saturn (Year 4)



Saturn Class Autumn 2017


  Land of Emperors

  and Dragons






We will be looking at in detail at The Shang Dynasty along with other achievements of Ancient China and answering the following questions: –

Where is China and where are the country’s main rivers, deserts and mountain ranges? Why are dragons important in Chinese culture?

What is a Dynasty? When was the Shang Dynasty and what are the key aspects of this Dynasty? What was life like for the Emperors who ruled and their citizens? Why was Lady Fu Hao’s tomb significant to historians?

How was the Shang society structured?

What did historic travellers discover about China?

What important part did the Silk Route play in Chinese trade and development?

What is the Terracotta Army?

Where and why was the Great Wall constructed?

Which important inventions originated in Ancient China?


Literacy, there will be many writing opportunities:

The children will be writing persuasive letters, diary entries, narratives and reports      in response to the above areas of study.

We will be researching, discussing and presenting information.

Reading will remain at the heart of our learning with extensive exploration of non- fiction texts. Also the children will continue daily Guided Reading sessions, where the focus will be on fluency and comprehension. The children will be developing their understanding of inference and authorial techniques. They will continue to develop their sentence level and grammar skills. Grammar lessons will focus upon word classes, sentences in different forms, using conjunctions, punctuation paragraphing, and improving editing skills. Handwriting joins and spellings will be taught.




Maths we will be focussing on:

  • Place value up to 100,000, ordering and comparing numbers
  • Rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred
  • Addition and subtraction methods
  • Understanding the relationship between factors and multiples
  • Formal algorithms for multiplication and division by one and two digit numbers
  • Application of all the above to solve problems and puzzles
  • Presenting and interpreting data in tables and line graphs



Animals, including humans

We will learn the basic parts of the human digestive system, describe their functions in simple terms.

Working scientifically

We will learn to form scientific questions and to choose different types of scientific enquiries to answer them. The importance of fair testing will be an integral part of science lessons. Making observations and recording data will be included.


We will identify common appliances that run on electricity, construct a simple series electrical circuit, understanding the component parts and recognise some common conductors and insulators.


Personal Social and Health Education –   Being Me in My World and Celebrating Difference

Art/ DT– Work inspired by Chinese culture and artefacts.

Computing -Programming and algorithms – using the internet to research –

Music– Understanding and interpreting World music

Physical Education. – Netball, Football, Dance and Gymnastics

French– Speak in sentences using familiar vocabulary and basic language structures, listen and respond to spoken language, explore the patterns and sounds of language.

Religious Education: – Harvest, exploring unfairness and injustice in our world today. Divali, a sense of belonging in the home and in the community. The significance part of the Nativity story for Christians today


Homework will be focus on learning multiplication and division facts and the Year 3 and 4 spelling words from the National Curriculum.
Ways in which you can help your child in Saturn class
Reading is so crucial across the whole of the curriculum, the more reading with, enjoyment and encouragement you offer your child the better! Please ask them what they are reading, chat about the stories and information they are interested in. Please encourage your child to use a dictionary both to check spellings and definitions. Also visits to the local library to stimulate their interests will really help. Quick mental maths games, especially those helping your child to learn all their multiplication tables and number facts. Also telling the time as part of their daily activities would be beneficial, many children struggle with this and regular reference to actual time is very helpful.

Please do come and ask if you have any queries at all.