Venus (Year 6)

Macbeth, Madness and Mayhem…..  Year 6 summer 2017  

Welcome back to the summer term everyone!

We are very busy this term- we will finish our Battles and Bravery topic with a look at World War 2 poetry and then onto Macbeth!

We will be thinking about the question- ‘How does Shakespeare explore the themes of Kingship, Romance and Ambition in the tragedy Macbeth?’

Literacy– We will read the play both in the traditional form of a text and as a comic strip. Through this we will focus upon the motives of the characters Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. We will use different dramatic techniques to explore the play, characters and use our fantastic outdoor learning environment to create spaces in which to enact our favourite parts of the play.

History-What was life like in Shakespeare’s England? What was the Globe theatre like? Who watched the plays?

Maths– Exploring triangles, tessellations and translations. Geometry and investigating circles. More work with algebra and formulae and mathematical reasoning.  Transition maths work for year 7.

Art and Design– Children will research, design and make a model set from their favourite scene from Macbeth. They will also create mood boards and costume designs for the central characters from the play.

R.E. Buddhism. Children will investigate the Buddhist faith

P.E. Practising athletic skills needed for sprinting, long distance running and throwing. Playing rounders.  Swimming skills focussing on; improving stroke and stamina.

Music– To enhance the drama of Macbeth the children will compose a simple score to accompany a favourite scene.

We will also be getting ready for our transition day to secondary school and working towards our leavers service- a very busy term!!

Computing– film making and programming

Other Events in Year 6

SATs testing begins in the week of May 8th. Breakfast will be served in this week- details to follow.

  Project Pond  We will be returning to the pond this term to catch up with the wildlife and continue with our building work. Save the Bees!

Osmington Bay 15th-18th May- We will be really ready for our residential trip to Osmington Bay.

How to help your child in year 6 during the summer term

Keep reading with your child, foster a love of books with them – here are some suggestions for some summer holiday reading!

Suggested reading list for Year 6 pupils | KS2 | Age 10-11