Venus (Year 6)

                                    Year 6 Autumn 1 – A Child’s WarEngage-A siren sounds and a Spitfire zooms overhead! It’s 1939 and Britain is at war. Make sure you have your evacuee label and your most precious belongings in a shoebox!
Develop and Innovate- This half term, we’ll imagine what it was like to be evacuated and live with a family other than our own. Using different source materials and reading ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’, we’ll learn about evacuation and write letters to our families ‘back home’ We will find about spies, codes and people who risked their lives for the freedom of others.
We’ll plot the Second World War’s events on a timeline and learn about rationing, Pearl Harbour and the Battle of Britain. From a range of maps, we’ll identify safe and dangerous places during the war and make persuasive posters to support the war effort. From a range of sources, we’ll find out about children and school during the war and learn about discrimination that existed at the time. We’ll learn about what it was like during the Blitz and think about how soldiers might have felt. In D&T, we’ll make gas masks and cook delicious wartime food.
ExpressWe will end this fantastic topic with a celebration of all the work we have done on October 17th at 2pm-3pm – everyone is invited!





Project Pond– What’s happening in the pond? We will give the pond area a good tidy up and make sure that everything is ready for winter.
RE Understanding Christianity and Islam
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‘ Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts’

Winston Churchill

Autumn 2 Blood Heart

Let’s explore our circulatory system!
Engage-At the start of our project, we’ll make a working heart, finding out about the different parts and how the blood flows.
Develop and Innovate-Afterwards, we’ll write a report of the experience and learn more about how the circulatory system works. We’ll use a data logger to measure our heart rates and test how it is affected by exercise. In D&T, we’ll make model hearts. We’ll read shape poetry, and write poems inspired by the heart. We’ll learn about how smoking affects the heart and write adverts to persuade people to stop smoking. We’ll visit the ‘Give blood’ website, and make a flow diagram to illustrate the circulation process.
We will read Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman












Express- We will celebrate this topic by sharing all of the amazing work we have done !

‘The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.’
Helen Keller


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