Venus (Year 6)

                                       Macbeth, Madness and Mayhem….. Year 6 summer 2018

Welcome back to the summer term everyone
A very busy term awaits us; we are looking forward to our Osmington Bay residential in June as well as our end of term production.
We are also looking forward to our work in the school grounds and Project Pond- will our wildflowers bloom this summer?  

We will be thinking about the question-‘How does Shakespeare explore the themes of Kingship, Romance and Ambition in the tragedy Macbeth?’
Reading– Reading Macbeth and other works from Shakespeare including sonnets and plays. Reading spells and poems from ‘The Lost Words’- a wonderful book that celebrates words from the natural world that are being ‘lost’ to today’s modern children.

Speaking and Listening– Reading the play, performing scenes, exploring and enjoying the language of the time.
Writing– Potions and lotions, dramatic scenes, character descriptions, balanced arguments, diary entries and letters.
Mathematics- SAT revision, Inspire maths, working with spirals and Fibonacci. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division reasoning
Fractions decimals and percentages
Design Technology
Research and design a set to accompany a scene from Macbeth.
Use tools appropriately
To prepare a design specification
To evaluate work and suggest improvements

Science- Classifying plants and animals based upon specific characteristics. Understand that science is about thinking creatively to try and explain how living things and non-living things work.
The Kingdoms of life /Carl Linnaeus
Investigate micro organisms

PE- Yoga and dance, athletics

RE– Islam beliefs and values
Computing– coding and programming
History– Researching life in Shakespeare’s England
Exploring Glamis Castle
Exploring The Globe Theatre

PSHE- Transition

French- Key words and phrases

Other Events in Year 6
SATs testing begins in the week of May 14th. Breakfast will be served in this week- details to follow

Please come in and see us any time!

Mrs Williamson, Mrs Yorke and Mrs Skipworth.







Suggested reading list for Year 6 pupils | KS2 | Age 10-11