Core Subjects

Mathematics Mastering Singapore maths with Inspire Maths

We use the Inspire Maths Scheme. Inspire Maths is the UK edition of Singapore’s leading maths series and is the only mastery textbook programme proven to raise standards in the UK.
Selected as a high-quality textbook programme by the DfE and NCETM for the national Maths Hubs textbook project, Inspire Maths provides everything you need to support a mastery approach and meet the higher expectations of the National Curriculum.

Follow the link below to see an overview of subjects taught in each year group.



English is a core subject and is at the heart of our curriculum. Each project covers a range of reading and writing genres and, where appropriate, links to other areas of the curriculum. Spoken language is promoted throughout the curriculum and across all subjects. Spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation are promoted throughout all writing opportunities, with each year group following a specific programme.

Follow the link to see our English genre map for each year group.


Science is fully covered throughout the curriculum. Some projects have a science focus, and others will have less of a scientific emphasis. Scientific enquiry is also delivered through the Cornerstones Love to Investigate scheme.

Follow the link to see our Science coverage map.