Governors’ Blog

Governor Blog – February 2017

On January 25th 2017 the School enjoyed a whole school science topic day ending with each class presenting their findings to one another in the hall at 2.45.

 The theme was LIGHT AND COLOUR, and each class pursued their own aspect of that subject. Year R.   Looked at the Aliens in Underpants story and what materials let light through. The nursery also looked at colour in songs, stories and play.

Year 1.  Looked at SHADOWS, Year 2. Colour and Camouflage,  Year 3 and Year 4. CHROMATOGRAPHY: the properties of colour and Year 5.THE MOON

Here the children were looking at what they knew about the moon. They were entering the facts on images of the moon and showed an impressive array of knowledge. They could talk confidently about waxing and waning gibbous moons!

Year 6. How light affects different materials.

 When I saw this class they were in the throes of looking at how light heated paper of different colours (black and white). They showed very inventive use of the resources available .g. thermometers/stage lights.

I spent most time with the younger children (year 1 &2) and I was very impressed with the way they were encouraged to work things out for themselves along basic scientific principles.

What do I know? What do I want to know? How should I find out? What evidence have I got? What else do I need want to know?

There was an excellent mix of practical exploration/calculation/description of evidence. It was an excellent choice of topic that gave very good opportunities for different year groups to develop scientific skills at their level and to allow the more able children to be challenged in their learning.

There had obviously been some energetic and careful planning for this day. Thank you to all the staff and children for an excellent, fun morning of scientific enquiry. I certainly went home wiser. Do look at some of the lovely displays now in school that show their work.

Kate Wickson.

 Foundation Governor


Governor Blog – October 2016

As Governors, it is important we have a clear knowledge and understanding of how and why the school is run the way it is so that we can have a positive input in developing the school and moving it forward during our time on the Governing Body.  One way we can achieve this is by carrying out Governor Focus Visits.

During last term Mr Browning and I completed one such visit which focused on the Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare of SMTV.  Previous to the visit we had looked at the School Evaluation Form (SEF) and highlighted key areas we wanted to know more about, including the children’s views on the new Behaviour Policy.  To find out more we spoke to representatives of each year group and asked them a number of questions.  We were delighted by the children’s responses, their attitude to the school and each other.  We were also impressed by the suggestions they made to improve aspects of the reward system with regard to the Behaviour Policy.

Eve Pegler and I are members of the Collective Worship Committee.  We meet approximately once a term.  Currently our focus is on ways in which we can create opportunities for prayer during the school day.

It is always a pleasure to come into school to see what the children are doing and we look forward to participating in other Governor Focus Visits throughout the year.

Mrs Joanne Hall

Chair of Governors.