Year 3 Cranborne Trip

Year 3 went on a great trip to Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre on Monday 8th July 2019, as part of their Tribal Tales topic on the Stone Age to Iron Age. It was a great day going back to the ‘dawn of time’ discovering how our distant ancestors made fire and weapons.

The instructors taught us Archery as it would have been done by hunter-gatherers and blacksmithing in an Iron Age forge. As a class, we got to keep our own hand-forged knife. We also had the chance to leave a bit of our own work behind in the form of cob bricks which we made from mining chalk and making it into clay to bake in the sun. These will be used by the centre to build a new wall there. We saw a flint-knapping demonstration and the instructor made us a scraper tool.

It really was memorable trip and the children had a fantastic time.

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