Collective Worship

It’s often very difficult to define what it is that makes a church school distinctive; what makes it an attractive option for parents. Our experience tells us that a significant part of that definition will be found in the ‘what and how’ of the school’s approach to worship. Its uniqueness is at its heart.

Church school worship starts from the principle that we are all equally important and equally valued in his sight. Worship is inclusive and delivered in a way that allows the whole school community to feel able to be part of the experience whilst respecting the integrity of the family and cultural backgrounds of the children we serve.

Collective Worship is planned, led by school staff, children and members of the parish team. We take the children into town to visit the Church for special services at Harvest and Easter.

This is all part of our partnership work with our foundation Church, St. Mary the Virgin and the wider Diocese of Salisbury. To find out more about church and parish work click on the following links: and