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We use the Inspire Maths Scheme. Inspire Maths is the UK edition of Singapore’s leading maths series and is the only mastery textbook programme proven to raise standards in the UK.
Selected as a high-quality textbook programme by the DfE and NCETM for the national Maths Hubs textbook project, Inspire Maths provides everything you need to support a mastery approach and meet the higher expectations of the National Curriculum.

Follow the link below to see an overview of subjects taught in each year group.

Inspire Maths unit overview for each year group


English is a core subject and is at the heart of our curriculum. Each project covers a range of reading and writing genres and, where appropriate, links to other areas of the curriculum. Spoken language is promoted throughout the curriculum and across all subjects.


We have adopted “The Write Stuff” by Jane Considine to bring a whole school approach to the mechanics of writing.  We use “Sentence Stacking” to engage children with short, intensive moments of learning that they can then immediately apply to their own writing.  Each writing lesson is based on a sentence model, broken into three chunks:

1.      Initiate section – a stimulus to capture the children’s imagination and set up a sentence.

2.      Model section – the teacher close models a sentence that outlines clear writing features and techniques.

3.      Enable section – the children write their sentence, following the model.

Children are challenged to ‘Deepen the Moment’ which requires them to draw upon previously learnt skills and apply them to their writing during that chunk.


“The Write Stuff” also reinforces grammar through the use of:

·         The FANTASTICS which are an acronym that summarise the ideas of writing.

·         The GRAMMARISTICS is a classroom tool that enables the teacher to drive key grammar messages.

·         The BOOMTASTICS , which helps children, capture 10 ways of adding drama and poetic devices to writing in a vivid visual way.

·         Punctuation is taught through the “non-negotiables” of the Writing Laundry and the Grammaristics so that children never forget to clean up their writing.


Science is fully covered throughout the curriculum. Some projects have a science focus, and others will have less of a scientific emphasis. Scientific enquiry is also delivered through the Cornerstones Love to Investigate scheme.


Religious Education 



RE is a statutory part of the curriculum and a core subject.  We follow the locally agreed syllabus, using Understanding Christianity and Discovery RE.   The principal aim of RE in Dorset is to engage pupils in enquiring into big questions arising from the study of religion, belief, philosophy and ethics. In so doing Religious Education will support pupils’ own personal moral, philosophical, ethical and spiritual development and promote respect for others.

By addressing big questions, Understanding Christianity encourages pupils to explore core Bible texts, examine the impact for Christians and consider possible implications. Each unit incorporates the three elements:

·         Making sense of the text – Developing skills of reading and interpretation; understanding how Christians interpret, handle and use biblical texts; making sense of the meanings of texts for Christians

·         Understanding the impact – Examining ways in which Christians respond to biblical texts and teachings, and how they put their beliefs into action in diverse ways within the Christian community and in the world

·         Making connections – Evaluating, reflecting on and connecting the texts and concepts studied, and discerning possible connections between these and pupils’ own lives and ways of understanding the world.

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