School Council

Article 12 – All children have a right to be able to give their opinion when adults are making a decision that will affect them, and adults should take it seriously.

Our School Council aims to provide a real and resonating voice for all of its pupils. Its aim is to discuss ideas and suggestions that will help improve and develop the school in different ways.  Every year, classes from Year 1 to Year 6 select 2 children to serve on the council. School Councillors consult with their class on a weekly basis (after each School Council meeting) to seek opinion, discuss ideas and listen to class ideas.

Each member of School Council wants to make a difference.  Here are some of their thoughts about how they want to make a difference by being on School Council.

What we think the school already does well:

  • Bringing children together
  • Fun learning and exciting topics
  • Verbal skills and sharing ideas
  • Teaching about God
  • Positive playtimes and stopping bullying
  • Playing with each other & peer mediation
  • Helping each other with their work
  • Listening to our friends and teachers


We want to make a difference by:

  • Having more fundraising events
  • Having litter picking days
  • Every class having a rota to do jobs to help the school.  For example, look after the younger children and tidy up the play equipment.
  • Nobody being alone by making sure peer mediation is working properly
  • Improving behaviour by making sure everyone is listening properly
  • Making sure teachers plan fun lessons

Each term, 2 members of our School Council attend a meeting with other School Council representatives from the other Gillingham schools and work on a join project throughout the year.


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