Saturn (Year 4)

                       Saturn Class Summer Term

  THE BLUE ABYSS                                                                                     

    “The Sea, once it has cast its spell, holds one in it’s net of wonder forever,”                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jacques Cousteau. 



Grab your wet suit! We are going deep into an underwater world of incredible coral and  mysterious sea creatures. What do real divers get up to below the surface? Where are the world’s deepest oceans? What swims there? What are the perils?  We will  create a fishy story about exploring an amazing underwater world.


ILP focus – Science

English           – Poetry using personification, Dilemma stories, Biography,                                     persuasive letters

Art & Design- Observational drawings, clay sculpture, Antony Gormley,                                      famous seascapes

Computing    – Programming, research, presentations

Geography   – Seas and oceans of the world, Environmental issues

History          – 19th Century ocean exploration, early 20th century exploration

Science         – living things and their habitats, animals including humans

Maths           – Decimal calculations, time, area and perimeter, properties of                               shape

R.E.                – Understanding Christianity- Kingdom of God

P.E.                – Athletics and Rounders

French          – language and cultural understanding

PSHE            –  Jigsaw – changes

At the end of our project, we’ll share our learning during our parent curriculum session on Wednesday 17th July hope to see you there.

Home learning ideas

  •  How many amazing shark facts can you find?
  •  Write a ‘true or false’ quiz with fascinating facts about creatures and plants       under the sea.
  • Create a picture dictionary of plants and creatures of the ocean.
  • Visit your local library and find non-fiction books about the oceans and seas. Use them to find out about the sea creatures of the world. Look for information using contents pages, glossaries and index pages. Write down any new facts you have learnt, and share them with your class.
  • Use the web with an adult to find out about famous undersea explorers, such as Robert Ballard, Sylvia Earle, William Beebe and James Cameron. Record your information to share with the class.
  • Draw the view of the ocean you might see if looking through the window of a submersible.
  • Learn The Beatles’ song, Yellow Submarine, and write a new verse of your own.

We will continue to focus on learning multiplication and division facts up to and including 12 X 12, and will participate in the Year 4 national testing pilot for multiplication.Homework remains learning the Year 3 and 4 spelling words from the National Curriculum and words linked to our Topic.

Reading is so crucial across the whole of the curriculum, the more reading with, enjoyment and encouragement you offer your child the better! Please ask them what they are reading, chat about the stories and information they are interested in.

Please follow this link for recommended reading texts for Year 4 or do come and ask us.

Encouraging your child to use a dictionary both to check spellings and definitions is of great benefit to them. Also visits to the local library to stimulate their interests will really help. Quick mental maths games, especially those helping your child to learn all their multiplication tables and number facts. Also telling the time as part of their daily activities would be beneficial, many children struggle with this and regular reference to actual time is very helpful.

Remember to look in on us on Class DOJO                                                                               

Please do come and ask if you have any queries at all.

Mrs Smith and Miss Knott








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