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‘ By Endurance We Conquer’   

Dear Families and Year 6

On our page you will find daily and weekly learning set by me. I know that you will all want to carry on your learning as much as possible to prepare you for your next steps in education.  You will find a daily challenge- maybe some maths or grammar activities and a weekly challenge which will be more topic based- and lots of art too! I will also give you some website links to keep you learning and thinking too.

  • You can put everything in the exercise book that you have. Remember to keep your standards high- be proud of the work you are doing.
  • Use a dictionary everyday
  • Try your best!

Remember to read everyday- reading is power!


   SUMMER TERM  2020  

MONDAY 8th June  Good Morning! Warm up time!!




This week we are going to dip into the wonderful book  Malamander By Thomas Taylor . Watch the introduction to the book- what type of book is it?


Watch my video here- I will read chapter 1 of this brilliant book!

Please read chapter  2- you can find it here


Visit the website and look at the interactive map of the town Eerie-on Sea scroll around the map and learn more about the mysterious people and places. Your task is to write a persuasive poster/leaflet/webpage to persuade families to come on holiday to Eerie-on Sea. 

  • Use the features of the town form the map ( a strange book dispensary, Mrs Fossils Flotsamporium etc)  landmarks
  • Use persuasive language find some ideas here Advert word mat
  • You can use illustrations , slogans, alliteration

TUESDAY 9th June  Hello! Warm up with some maths








Back to Eerie-on Sea

Make a list of the characters in chapter 2 what do you notice about their names? Use a dictionary to find the meaning of Nautical/Kracken/Mollusc/

  • The author chooses the names of the characters really carefully to reflect  their personalities. Using the text, write a note about each character and draw a portrait of what you think they look like using clues from the text and your own imagination. Look at my examples to help you on how to set out your work
  • Use the description sheets to write a description of each character. Use varied sentences, punctuate!
  • Use a quote from the book
  •  Use these to help you with your vocabulary character vocabulary, Take care with the drawing of your character portraits. Use the skills you learnt with me in our art sessions in class.
  • Read chapter 3, you can find it here  chapter 3




Wednesday 3rd June

Morning! Let’s start with 5 a day


Return to Eerie-on Sea






What happened to the parents of Violet Parma?   Make sure you have read Chapter 3 for this writing task.  I would like you to write 10/11 sentences, no more, no less ,in a paragraph about the disappearance of Violet’s parents.  Show off your writing skills with this descriptive piece !!!!

Watch my video for instructions





  Read page 20 and page 21 

  • username Stmarys123
  • password smtv2020         

Bacteria are single-celled organisms most of which are helpful or beneficial although some of these cause illness and disease. Some microbes can be harmful to humans and can cause disease: The Influenza virus can cause the flu, Campylobacter bacteria can cause food poisoning and the dermatophyte fungi, such as Trichophyton, can cause diseases such as athlete’s foot and ringworm. Microbes such as these are known as pathogens or germs. Each microbe can make us ill in different ways.







It would be sports day at school this week so this morning- get active in any way you like!

It might be yoga

It could be some dance

It could be some Jo Wicks!! Just get moving and smiling!!

Let’s recap some French go to    start off with the basics  and work through the first exercise.


This afternoon we are going to learn how to draw cartoons.    YAY!!!!!


Watch the tutorials from the artists- stop the video when you need to. You will need a couple of sharp pencils, an eraser and  if you have one, a felt tipped pen.

Choose the cartoons that you would like to draw and follow his instructions! Go to for more tutorials

Another artist is ‘ Draw with Rob’

Have fun !

I am really looking forward to seeing all of your great work this week!

Take some pictures and send them to me on Class Dojo. 

Love from Mrs Williamson, Mrs Yorke, Mrs Skipworth and Mrs Heron    If something is worrying you at home you can call Childline 0800 1111.


Year 6 – Reading at home. If you ever wonder what kind of books your year 6 child could be reading then please follow this link   



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